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Salmon fishing on the River Dee

The River Dee is another of Scotland’s “big four” salmon rivers and has an excellent reputation for producing hard fighting Scottish salmon. The river is probably most famous for its large runs of spring salmon, although encouragingly, there have also been good numbers of fish caught during the summer months, in recent years. The Dee rises high up in the Cairngorm Mountain range and flows through magnificent Royal Deeside, close to the towns of Braemar, Aboyne and Banchory, towards the City of Aberdeen, where it finally meets the sea. In total the river is around eighty miles in length. The Dee is a very rocky, fast flowing river with crystal clear water and is similar in size to the River...

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From Office To Ocean, We Always Return

Escape The City The English summer feels as if it’s hitting its peak, right? Eternal blue skies, endless rays, tan lines and of course, crystal clear waters. We know this scene well. At times like these, the city (though at times epic) can be utterly depressing - even in this weather - and our minds naturally start wandering towards coastal thoughts. We don’t care so much for deadlines, tall concrete buildings or the fellow city dwellers, instead, we want for a quiet river encompassed in trees and nature. It is our calling. We don’t forget the clean air, the gentle breeze and open green spaces. We don’t forget the primitive connection between humans and nature. We don’t forget that not...

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