Our team have suggested some of their favourite podcasts to get you in the fishing mood.

Carp Fishing Podcast.

A carp fishing podcast, recorded by two passionate anglers.

All Eyes On Fishing's Podcast

Tournament fishermen sharing fishing tips and experiences that help you to fish your next level! The nations best fishing podcast for the everyday person.

Flow State Fishing

Funny and inspiring yarns from passionate people in the fishing industry.

Fathom: Getting below the surface of the UK fishing industry

Fathom is a podcast for fishermen. A podcast is like a radio station but you get to choose what you listen to, and when!


The Orvis Fly-Fishing Podcast

The Orvis Fly Fishing Guide Podcast provides weekly tips from acclaimed fly fishing author and lifelong fly fishing enthusiast, Tom Rosenbauer. Get the most from your time on the water!


 Tom Rowland Podcast

Tom Rowland finds interesting stories in the outdoors and brings them to you in ultra high quality audio. Unhurried conversations with icons, up and comers and people doing amazing things outside